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New England Patriots Super Bowl Jersey VS Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Jersey 


About Super Bowl

Super Bowl has been going on since 1967 even though it was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game and later renamed in 1968 as Super Bowl. Super Bowl was founded by the Lamar Hunt (Owner of Kansas City Chiefs) and AFL Founder. Super Bowl is a very popular event that takes place every year. People all around the world, mostly Americans celebrate Super Bowl like a festive season. Super Bowl usually takes place on the first Sunday of February also referred to as Super Bowl Sunday is also taken as an unofficial national holiday by the Americans. With the craze of Super Bowl comes the craze of shopping in America. The Super Bowl Jersey sale increase in a high rate.




Super Bowl LIII

It is that time of the year; the Super Bowl LIII is right around the corner. This time Super Bowl teams are New England Patriots (The American Football Conference Champions), got in the Super Bowl by winning the game with Kansas City Chiefs with the score 31-37 and Los Angeles Rams (The National Football Conference Champions) by winning the game with New Orleans Saints by 23-26. With the teams finalized, the teams’ Super Bowl Jersey sale has also gone sky high.

So, when is Super Bowl 2019? The Super Bowl LIII will be conducted in Mercedes Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia on February 3rd 2019.

Super Bowl Winners

The list of Past Super Bowl Winners:

1967Green Bay Packers1993Dallas Cowboys
1968Green Bay Packers1994Dallas Cowboys
1969New York Jets1995San Francisco 49ers 
1970Kansas City Chiefs 1996Dallas Cowboys
1971Baltimore Ravens1997Green Bay Packers
1972Dallas Cowboys1998Denver Broncos 
1973Miami Dolphins 1999Denver Broncos 
1974Miami Dolphins 2000St. Louis 
1975Pittsburgh Steelers 2001Baltimore Ravens
1976Pittsburgh Steelers 2002New England Patriots
1977Oakland Raiders2003Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
1978Dallas Cowboys2004New England Patriots 
1979Pittsburgh Steelers 2005New England Patriots 
1980Pittsburgh Steelers 2006Pittsburgh Steelers
1981Oakland Raiders2007Indianapolis Colts 
1982San Francisco 49ers2008New York Giants
1983Washington Redskins2009Pittsburgh Steelers
1984Los Angeles2010New Orleans Saints 
1985San Francisco49ers 2011Green Bay Packers
1986Chicago Bears2012New York Giants
1987New York Giants2013Baltimore Ravens
1988Washington Redskins2014Seattle Seahawks 
1989San Francisco 49ers 2015New England Patriots 
1990San Francisco 49ers 2016Denver Broncos 
1991New York Giants2017New England Patriots
1992Washington Redskins2018Philadelphia Eagle

New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl

The New England Patriots has been to the Super Bowl 11 times and has won the Championship 5 times.The last appearance of Los Angeles Rams was in 2002 when they were signed with St. Louis, they have been the Super Bowl winner in 2000.

In terms of the Super Bowl Jersey sale, New England Patriots Super Bowl Jersey sales are higher than that of Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Jersey sales number.

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